Top Five Most Expensive Jewellery Brands in the World

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A look is always incomplete without good accessories. Giorgio Armani had once said that jewelleries and accessories have become more important than outfits today. They can completely change the outfit and moreover a versatile wardrobe is every woman’s preference and likes. Let’s go through 5 most expensive jewellery brands in the world, who have been designing some exquisite masterpieces that have become eternal.

  1. Harry Winston

Renowned for his classic but grandiose diamond jewellery, Harry Winston ranks at the top, where he has been since the height of his career. Winston started his company in 1932 by acquiring and selling estate jewellery, a line that is still vital to the Winston brand. Only the best quality and rarest stones are used for Winston jewellery. Each piece is put together with master creativity and craftsmanship that guarantees durability.

  1. Cartier

Cartier has a long royal history of putting some of the world’s most expensive jewelleries in auction. Such historical auctions of priceless royal ornaments describe the brand’s grandiosity in the world of making royal jewelleries. Founded by Louis-François Cartier in eighties, it is a French brand best known for its jewellery and watches including the Bestiary. It was a Panther-shaped brooch founded for Wallis Simpson in 1940s and has been considered as one of the timeless jewels from the history.

  1. Van Cleef & Arpels

The famous French label was founded by Alfred Van Cleef and his uncle Salomon Arpels in 1896. Originally based in France, the jewellery brand still maintains Old World elegance in their exquisite pieces apart from designing avant garde pieces. This famous French jewellery maker is worldwide popular for their adroitness in using precious stones and creative gem-setting techniques. They are known for inducing the Mystery Setting – a process that enables maximum exposure to the gemstone.

  1. Buccellati

Buccellati, the Italian luxury brand is known for the impeccable quality of their gold jewellery. True to their inheritance, the high end jewellery company adheres to Roman styles, which can be pretty visible in their collection of nice cuff chains. The brand reinterprets their master-pieces through lacy carvings so as to make them look very soft from distance. The brand is also famed for brushing and mortifying metals, whilst mixing silver and gold for feel and light enhancement.

  1. Tiffany & Co.

Thanks to The Great Gatsby movie, Tiffany ornaments are not only famous in America but now in Asia as well. However, this luxury brand was established back in eighties and became quite popular for their exclusive designs in diamond jewelleries, sterling silver and watches. Their diamond jewelleries evoke timeless designs that appeal to luxury and class. They are famous for crafting high dimensional whimsical design of flowers and birds in the form of brooch, pendant, earrings and even hair accessories.


How to determine your jewelry niche

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The business of jewelry making is a very profitable business and if you have the right strategy of promoting yourself and your product there is no looking back in this business. Jewelry making like any other business needs to be handled properly to make it super successful. If you are planning to make jewelry just for your family and friends then it is not a concern but if you want to plan big and make a mark for yourself in the market then you must select your niche. The jewelry niche may be either the metal being used or the type of design you like to make such as ethnic or contemporary or anything that suits your style of jewelry making. It is not that you cannot make anything else but when you find your niche you will be able to get loyal customers. But one thing that you must understand is finding the niche isn’t about doing the same thing over and over again. You have to be innovative and creative, making something new and attractive every time so that the freshness of your product remains the main attraction.

Before you are able to find out about your particular jewelry niche you will have to experiment. Experiment with different styles, different metals and various other aspects related to jewelry making so that you can discover your true style and liking. This may not be possible if you randomly select a type or style just because you thought you would like it. Once you are in the market and people start buying your products you will start understand how you and your customers connect and with what type of jewelry are you able to make a mark.

You could even take the help of your clients in deciding your jewelry niche. You could ask them for a feedback if they are repeat customers. Whereas, while going in an entirely new market you would have to wait for the response of the customers as very few new clients would give frank opinion about your products making it a little difficult to understand what is it that they like or dislike in your product.

One thing is certain that deciding your niche not only gives you a clear idea about what you want to give to your clients but also makes a good rapport with you client because of their demands being fulfilled satisfactorily.

Gold, white gold or platinum – The ‘compare before purchase’ guide


To buy the glittering gold or the shining platinum? May be the glowing white gold in the best choice. Since the past two decades when the jewellery industry has started to develop amongst the people, many new properties of various elements have started to be added in jewellery. While gold has always been used, many variations in gold have come up ranging from 14k to 24k in purity while different varieties of gold have come up too. While white gold and rose gold are alloys with gold as the main constituent, they have been created to maintain the cost and better looks on a balance putting aside the fact that white gold is just gold alloy with Rhodium plating. Platinum, the perfectionist has also started to make its way in and around the past ten years.

While comparing all the three of them, many of us fall into a dilemma on which one would be a better choice. The basic things to know here is not only about the affordable range which will let you choose what is to be purchased, but also their properties which would let you choose better according to the occasion. Coming directly to the details of what, how and how much of the three most desired elements in jewellery making, the important points which need to be known and considered before buying jewels made from any one of these three is the following code:

  1. Cost effectiveness: Being a common man with many dreams apart from purchasing jewellery, the cost of the three definitely is one point on which the three can be considered to be worthy of the purchase or not. Basically, since gold and white gold are initially same before being mixed with various other and different elements to reach their final forms, their final cost is about the same. Consider 14k gold and 14k white gold, both of which contain about 59% gold and cost the same (and having the same purity of course). Platinum costs more or less about the same as pure gold, but is appreciated for those qualities not seen in gold.
  2. Durability of the looks: White gold as told earlier, is an alloy of gold with rhodium plating on it. This white glow of white gold wears off during usage and ends up at a yellowish tinge. Gold, as known, loses its shine and glimmer in daily usage but not as quickly as white gold. Platinum, out of the three is the better one on this case as it comes with a benefit of the looks. Platinum does not wear off or fade away in its daily usage, in turn gets a pale finish which is also termed to be beautiful by many.
  3. Durability on the inside: While gold and white gold both are alloys and are made especially keeping their strength in mind, platinum on the other hand is a pure metal and has little less strength compared to them. This should not be taken as platinum to be brittle, in fact platinum is stronger than gold and white gold in resisting breakage. Platinum tends to be softer actually and hence prone to more scratches and losing its initial fresh look after some time. Platinum, even after this, is better than gold and white gold because on scratching, it does not lose its volume but flattens over and forms furrows, a touch of antique.
  4. Comfort: Platinum is a high density metal, hence more of platinum is required to make a ring than it would take for gold. This makes the ring a bit heavier in comparison to the one made out of gold or white gold. Some people find it comfortable while some people don’t and this relies completely on the customer’s choice.
  5. Reactivity: It may seem at a first glance that what kind of chemical reaction may arise on contact of gold or platinum with the human body, but allergic reactions can develop against the other metals used as alloys. It had been observed that the nickel alloy used in gold rings can stimulate a reaction towards gold or white gold in some people. Platinum in this case, has an upper hand causing no allergic reaction (since its 95% pure form is used in jewellery making.

The decision must be easy to make now. Each and every pro and con now in your hand, it is time to make that choice of ring you want to gift. Go grab one!

Tips to know before you choose your wedding day jewellery


Wedding day is definitely the time of inexpressible joy, be it for any bride. She is crowned like a queen for the day and undoubtedly the focus of attention.

Excitement is at its peak for any girl for sure, while she chooses each single thing for the day, be it attire, jewellery, makeup or accessory. The prime concern is of course the opulence of the bridal attire. The next big thing is certainly the jewellery that should accentuate the charm of the attire.

Jewellery plays a prominent role in adorning and glorifying the beauty of the bride. Here go few tips that would help you to be wiser in choosing the right jewellery and create a wedding wonder on your big day.

Give enough time

The first thing is that you should have any idea of what you should wear at least three months before your wedding. Make a list of jewellery that you would like to add to your bridal trousseau.

Give yourself time to consult two or three jewellery designers if you are picky enough to go for custom jewellery. It may take time to make it, and you need to try it on dress rehearsal as well.

Diamond is a great choice

The engagement ring is of prime importance as it is an accessory you might have to wear always. The good thing about choosing a diamond wedding ring is that it goes well with most of the casual as well as formal outfits. The elegance of a diamond adds to the value of the wedding ring all through the life.

There is no need to over accessorize just because the day is of utmost importance. It is advisable to choose the jewellery that goes well with your bridal attire. Certain colour of metal jewellery matches perfect with the shade of your dress.

Charm of diamonds

When it comes to bridal jewellery, the magnificence of diamonds cannot be ignored. It assists in fulfilling the dream of any bride to look like a princess on that day. The everlasting diamonds makes an essential choice if you prefer to have a rich, elegant and classy look on your wedding day. Unique fine crafted diamond jewellery gives you incredibly stunning look, and that is all you aim for on your wedding day.

After all, the ultimate goal is to look at your best, no matter what you wear.  There is no need to compromise on your personal style. On the other way, choose the right jewellery that would add to your personal style statement.

3 Perfect Occasions to Gift Diamond for a Woman


‘When to gift what’ is a question that bothers many of us often. Gifts are supposed to be special, timely, and classic, whatever be the occasions. You cannot afford to go wrong in selecting the right gift for your dear ones, as it is an expression of your love, care and respect towards them. Perhaps there is no better choice than diamond if you are eager to choose a precious and luxurious gift for those people close to you.

What makes diamond the most special gift? It is a sign of elegance and excellence, right from the olden ages. Remember the gifts that were exchanged between kings and rulers as a symbol of respect and prestige those days. Diamond enjoyed a special position among those gifts and it still withholds the same classy status.

Giving a diamond as a gift is same as saying that the receiver is really special. A unique fine-crafted diamond jewellery represents the feeling you have towards the person. Choose a diamond and it will be an everlasting gift. Here goes a compilation of the best occasions for you to gift your dear ones a beautiful diamond accessory. Grab the nearest chance to buy the perfect diamond and earn the tag of the ideal gift-giver!

  1. Ultimate choice for engagement

The enduring quality of diamond signifies the eternal love for her. There are many other features that make diamond the inevitable choice when you select a gift for the engagement. A heart-shaped simple yet elegant necklace or perfect-cut ring is enough to light up your bride’s face. The best part of a diamond engagement ring is that it goes well with almost all outfits, so that she can wear it every time. Indeed, it will turn as one of the valued asset all through the married life.

2. A gift choice for your daughter on her accomplishment!

Diamond suits well for an occasion on which you have a reason to congratulate your beloved daughter on her success. That would definitely add to her joy of accomplishment, be it an academic success or even a personal achievement. Celebrate the joys of life by gifting her a diamond jewellery.

3. Gift to show respect to your mom!

Gifting diamond is priceless, and so is your mother’s love to you. An elegant ring, an attractive stud or bracelet, or even an exquisite necklace suits the occasion of your mother’s birthday. It is a wonderful option to thank your mom for her inestimable love.

Preeminent Choices in Diamond Jewelry for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is the day of love and its expression. However, you don’t really need a particular day to express your feelings to the person you love. But as the tradition of valentines is followed for ages, I guess it automatically speaks for the significance of the day. Buying gift for the lovable day has always been very perplexing, especially for the boys. It is the right time of the year when they can buy something highly special for their girl. Married couples also celebrate this day with great zeal. I will today try to help guys with the best gifting options that they can check out for the love of their life.

No-one in this world is unaware with the fact that women are simply crazy about diamond jewelry. Therefore, it makes diamonds the perfect gift for all women. I would like to share some diamond jewelry options that you can check out and buy as per your likability and budget:

Diamond Ring:

First thing to strike every romantic heart is the diamond ring. When a dazzling shining stone rolls up around the finger of a girl, it gives her much glee than ever defined. You not necessarily have to make purchase of highly priced diamond jewelry. There are many affordable options available in market. You just have to discover right places to visit and make the purchase. The stones installed in diamond rings are available in various cuts, color, clarity and carats. Therefore, you can make a convenient purchase by considering these options.

Diamond Earrings:

If you want to please your girlfriend, I would say that diamond ring would be a little too much. When rings cannot fulfill the place, you must make a replacement and buy something else. In such a case, diamond earrings are the most suitable option to invest your money in. They look gorgeous and can be easily purchased by spending a reasonable amount of money. Just like every stage of life, diamond jewelry could be gifting considering the relationship status. For beloved girlfriends, diamond earrings are the best buy.

Diamond Bracelet:

For the lovable hubbies who are looking for a perfect gift for their dearest wives, Diamond bracelets will suit the occasion quite appropriately. You might have gifted her ring lots of time but diamond bracelet is something that will make a unique gifting option. Online stores like VIVO Diamonds present you grand and most amazing selection in diamond bracelets. You just have to visit the website and explore all the options. This could be a bit expensive than other gift types but your wife will love you for such a lovely gift. I am sure to see a smile on her face; you can always spend a little extra. It is surely worth.

So, for the boyfriends, fiancées, and for the husbands; I have mentioned perfect options that they can check and invest in. This will make a perfect valentine’s day gift for the women in your life.

Why Are Conventional Jewelry Stores Losing Their Significance Over Online Jewelry Stores?

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Online stores have brought tremendous change in the fashion of shopping for every individual. The fashion of visiting conventional stores is going down by the moment as people are getting more engaged in digital buying. Jewelry is that one thing that has been preferred buying conventionally as it is a highly priced commodity to invest in. It took a lot of time for people to head towards the fashion of online buying when it was related to highly priced diamond jewelry. Eventually online stores have made their point and today you will see many of the buyers trust online stores over conventional stores. There are many reasons for such a drastic change as people found online store much benefiting than their conventional jewelry brands. Here are some points of distinction, you can grab a gaze:

  • As a matter of fact, conventional stores always have a very limited stock to display. When someone visits these stores, they have a limited set of merchandise to show to the customers. On the other hand, whenever you visit an online store such as VIVO Diamonds, you can find a plethora of options to make a selection. There are thousands of products listed under the niche of diamond rings, wedding rings, engagement rings, diamond pendants, etc.
  • Prices have always been a huge matter of concern for buyers. Diamonds are the most lavish form of jewelry that one can buy. That is why it is heavily priced and unaffordable for the buyers. In such a course, conventional stores don’t have to give any rebate to the buyers. At the same time, online stores are always featuring best discount deals on all the products. When you are getting associated with the online store, you don’t have to fear for the extra cost that you might have to endure at any conventional store.
  • As the most approachable mean, conventional store owners don’t make much effort in giving extra credit to the consistent buyers. But when you are associated with online stores, you can expect extra boon from the store owners. They might send you a surprise gift for being a loyal customer. You can get points added in your wallet that can be redeemed in a go. This way, there are many perks that you can enjoy while being associated with online stores.
  • There are various diamond jewelry brands that are associated with online website. That is the only reason for them to have such a vast selection of products. Moreover they have got all the international designer jewelry that is hard to find at any conventional store. Be it the wedding rings or a pair of diamond earrings; you can get them in perfect designer form and at reasonable prices.

So, there are many reasons that justify the increasing fondness of online jewelry stores among buyers. It is recommended to all the conventional jewelers to start working on their online portals, if they wish to survive in long run.