World’s 10 Most Expensive Diamonds

Everybody knows diamonds are expensive, and their rich history and cultural significance is to thank for this. However, there are diamonds that are worth much, much more – attributing to the role they played in history and the important people they’d have the pleasure of adorning. Here are the 10 most expensive diamonds in the world –

1. Heart of Eternity

Heart of Eternity

Of South African origin, this diamond weighs 27.64 carats and is a fancy vivid blue. It’s a heart shaped diamond that was owned by De Beers, but has now been sold. Its value is about $16 million.

 2. Moussaieff Red Diamond

Moussaieff Red Diamond

This diamond is a brilliant red colour diamond with a triangular cut, and it is the largest diamond of that colour. It weighs about 5.11 carats and is currently in the possession of MoussaieffJewellers Ltd. It costs about $20 million.

 3. Allnatt Diamond

Allnatt Diamond

A pale yellow diamond weighing 101.29 carats, this diamond is named after Major Ernest Allnatt. It has a cushion cut and is currently owned by the SIBA corporation. Its price is estimated to be around $25 million.

 4. Wittlsbach-Graff Diamond

Wittlsbach-Graff Diamond

Originated in India, this diamond is fancy deep blue and weighs 31.06 carats. This diamond has important historical significance as it was owned by Philip IV of Spain and came into the hands of many other European emperors. However, it dropped in value due to the fact that it was altered, thus compromising its historical integrity. It is currently in the possession of Hamad bin Chalifa Al Thani and is estimated to be around $80 million.

 5. Centenary Diamond

Centenary Diamond

Originated in South Africa, this diamond is a colour grade D, the highest grade of colourless diamonds. It is 273.85 carats and costs about $90 million.

 6. Steinmetz Pink Diamond or Pink Star Diamond

Steinmetz Pink Diamond

This 56.60 carats diamond was discovered in South Africa and is a fancy vivid pink colour, which is one of the rarest. However, its current owner is not known. This diamond’s value is estimated to be $83.2 million.

7. Hope Diamond

Hope Diamond

This diamond was mined in India and stands at 45.52 carats. It’s also called ‘Le Bijou du Roi or ‘The King’s Jewel’ and is a brilliant dark greyish blue colour. A lot of rumours surround this diamond and it is considered to be cursed due to being the witness of a lot of mishaps throughout history. It adorns a beautiful necklace as of now, and is owned by the Smithsonian Institution. This diamond is about $250 million.

 8. Cullinan I Diamond

Cullinan I Diamond

This diamond was cut out of the Cullinan Diamond, which was the largest gem quality diamond ever found. It weighs 530.2 carats and is pear-shaped. It’s also called the Great Star of Africa. Its current value is about $400 million.

9. Sancy Diamond

Sancy Diamond

This diamond has an unusual cut – it’s shield-shaped. It weighs 55.23 carats and is pale yellow in colour. This diamond is believed to be owned by Mughal rulers, but was most likely of Indian origin. This diamond was also owned by various English and French rulers. The price of this diamond is un-estimated, and it’s essentially priceless.

10. Koh-i-Noor


This diamond was once embedded into a religious idol in an Indian temple before being looted. Shah Jahan, who built TajMahal, had the stone engrained into his Peacock Throne. It then came into the hands of the British is now a part of the British Crown Jewels. This diamond is essentially priceless, too.

Source : VIVO Diamonds.



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