4 Buying Tips forBlue Diamond

Diamonds are composed of carbon atoms that have been subject to extreme pressure and heat. If the diamond comprises of no impurities then they would be crystal clear. Nature hardly creates something that does not have impurities in it. Colored diamonds are formed due to the presence of impurities in the crystal lattice.


Natural blue diamonds are formed due to the presence of boron in the structure. The intensity of blue color increases with increase in amount of boron. Different hues of blue found in natural blue diamonds are light blue, dark blue, vivid blue, greenish blue, fancy blue, light blue, intense blue and deep grayish blue. Colored diamonds are very rare and very expensive.

The Blue diamond is one of the rarest, and in my option the most desirable of the colored diamonds.The famous 112-carat great blue diamond is a classic example of these diamonds, which was cut into a 45.52 carat Hope Diamond. Given below are few tips that will guide you to pick the right blue diamond for your beloved:

  1. Budget is the first and the foremost thing to think about when you want to purchase expensive diamond jewelry. Even a small variation of shade or tint of color may cost you a fortune. Blue diamonds are very expensiveas compared to colorless diamonds. Hence, pick the diamond carefully and then you might think of spending the rest of the money in carat and size of the diamond.
  2. Determine whether to get stones loose or buy them as a part of jewelry.
  3. How important is the originality of the diamond for you? This is the most important question that one should ask ponder upon. These stones with original blue color are rare and highly expensive. Several diamonds are artificially treated under different temperatures and pressure conditions;howeverthis chemical condition does not degrade the value of these stones. Hence, it depends on you that you want a natural blue diamond or chemically created one!
  4. The next thing to remember is to decide which place you should buy it from. Getting them from authorized dealers will cost more than getting from a discount seller who may not provide adequate documentation.
  5. Last but not the least one should not forget 4’cs i.e. cut, carat, clarity and color. In the above points we have already discussed that how the color of the diamond reflect its cost. The cuts that bring the best in colored diamonds are oval cut, round brilliant cut, princess cut and radiant cut.Round shaped blue diamonds are much cheaper than the radiant cut. Clarity and carat does not matter much in colored diamond jewelry.

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