A Simple Jewelry Guide

Jewelry is a symbol of culture, tradition and status. Especially for women, jewelry is a symbol of beauty since decades they wear as their pride and show their culture so there have variations in ornaments which include rings, earrings, necklace, pendants, and so on.

img (49)

Diamond jewelry is one of the most cherished and prized pieces and many people wish to own diamond jewelry because diamonds have such power of attraction in them that nobody can get resist. Diamond jewelry is very much popular in amongst women but nowadays men also enjoy wearing diamond accessories.

Fortunately, here are few tips that could help you to pick good diamond jewelry without paying too much.

  1. Stone color could also help you in getting a better deal. Diamond jewelries that are colorless are more expensive. Piece of diamonds that have a touch of yellow and this tint tends to be more affordable. Although we want clear diamonds, since clarity gives a different look to jewelry. Diamonds that have small and few marks tend to be cheap. Don’t worry; those marks are difficult to see by the naked eye.
  2. To stay within your budget you can also go for less than one carat diamonds. Enlarging or highlighting a small cut diamond depends on the setting. There are several ways to make a small diamond appear larger, like settling it on a prong. You can also go for bezel settingsthat will make the diamond appear larger.
  3. You can also look at the different types of metal for the engagement ring. There are rings that have white and yellow platinum and gold metal bands. Rings with white gold bands cost less than those rings with platinum bands. There are also some jewelers who also offer discount prices if you will be buying the engagement and wedding rings together.
  4. But if all still you fail to get within your spending limit, and then you can consider other stones. There are other kinds of gemstones not as expensive as diamond jewelry but also as beautiful like topaz, sapphires, and even rubies or any kind of stone. After all, the diamond jewelry is only the expression of what you feel, it still what you feel which matters.

This is also very important before you go ahead and visit any kind of jewelry store, do your own homework first. Getting familiar with 4 Cs of diamond would help you get a good deal. So before making any jewelry purchase, you must take above mentioned guidelines into consideration.


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