How to Buy a Diamond: 4C’s Diamond Buying Guide

Diamonds have long been captivating the hearts of women. This piece of jewelry associated with the affluent, the marvelous qualities and characteristics of the diamond make it an enduring gift. Also, preferred as investment pieces because of its timeless appeal, a diamond signifies elegance, magnetism, power, and stability. Well, diamond jewelry is part of our culture since earlier times. Diamonds are a symbol of status, wealth, and they have even come to represent commitment and love in the form of a ring. A truly flawless diamond piece is very rare and obviously very expensive. As a resource from nature, it is only natural that they come with distinct irregularities. Diamonds do not come as crystal clear white but come in a different colors and shades. Due to the chemical reaction occurs during its formation, diamonds can come in wide array of shades such as blue, pink, orange, green and yellow. If you want to surprise your lady love with diamond jewelry, you have to learn few basics things related to diamond purchase. Buying diamond can be tricky and quite challenging but it is not something that cannot be done wisely, but of course with a bit of education. Taking the time to learn what makes your diamonds unique and is the key to making a purchase that you both will be satisfied and happy with. And when you are finished, you’ll be able to buy perfect diamond jewelry piece with ease and confidence. Once you educate yourself about basics of diamond, it won’t be hard for you to buy exactly what you are looking for.

img (52)

  1. Cut – the brilliance of diamond depends on its cut. How a diamond piece refracts light depends on the many factors like symmetry, finish, and polish. With proper knowledge, you can able to determine nature of diamond. A well-cut diamond glitters with refinement in your eyes.
  2. Clarity – the less natural flaws and irregularities, the better is clarity. The more flaws in a diamond the cheaper it would be. Clear diamonds are normally brighter.
  3. Carat – the bigger the diamond the more expensive it is. You do have to consider the cut of the diamond and measure of flaws though. Sometimes, a smaller diamond can fetch a higher price because of its cut and clarity.
  4. Color – with exception of rare colored diamond pieces (i.e. green, blue, and pink) the less color a diamond consider as better. Colorless diamond refracts light better. And with better light refraction the better will be brilliance. If you took the time to learn exactly what you want, you’ll be more informed to make a right buying decision.

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