Various Flaws in Diamonds That You can Never Find Out

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Diamond jewelry that we wear; be it the diamond ring or a diamond bracelet, they looks extremely elegant and ravishing on you. But have you ever noticed that your highly priced diamond jewelry could be full of internal and external flaws. A normal person with minimal amount of knowledge about the jewels can never discover these flaws in the jewelry. We spend thousands and thousands of bucks on diamond rings or other type of jewelry and what we get is a stone with multiple flaws in it. You need to hit the study of diamonds to unleash whether you are buying right thing or not.

There are two types of flaws that are usually discovered in diamond jewelry. These are:

  • External Flaws
  • Internal Flaws

Both the categories create a hierarchy and branched into various sub categories. Some of the flaws are defined below:

Blemish: The flaw clearly defines poorly cut stone with immature polishing. You can find blemished stones in market in least possible prices.

Fracture: A dented or weirdly shaped diamond that clearly affects the clarity of the stone is a fractured diamond. A buyer who is not much aware of the clarity quotient of the stones can make a mistake in buying diamonds and end up with a fractured piece in hand.

Pits: These are basically small holes visible on the surface of the diamond. Pits are said to be unframed in front of naked eye. You need a microscope to detect these flaws. That is why it becomes easy for the retailers to sell pits-full stones to the buyers.

Nicks: Diamonds with chapped looks are basically Nicks. Most of the repaired stones are called Nicks and this makes them close to perfect but not exactly the accurate piece to buy. Retailers successfully sell such stones to the buyers also.

As you have studies some of the external flaws, there are also internal flaws that are not visible to the naked eye. Some of the flaws are defined below:

Mineral Inclusions: There are diamonds that features small minerals or crystals. These are definitely not available for naked eye to come and detect.

Knots: When the clarity of the stone is highly affected and you cannot discover any flaw externally then you must immediately assimilate that the stone has presence of knots in it. You can discover them with the help of microscope.

There are many other internal flaws affecting color, clarity and cut of the jewel. Some of the flaws include: Pinpoint inclusions, Needles, Cloud, Grain lines, Features, Twinning Wisps, Cleavage, Bearding, etc.

Not every diamond is worth buying and lack of know how gives a chance to the retailers to sell all the excluded merchandise by adding it into the lot. If you want your money to be invested into something worth, it is recommended to keep you updated with the basic attributes of jewels. It will not only make the shopping more fun but also help you in investing in worthy products.


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