Gold, white gold or platinum – The ‘compare before purchase’ guide


To buy the glittering gold or the shining platinum? May be the glowing white gold in the best choice. Since the past two decades when the jewellery industry has started to develop amongst the people, many new properties of various elements have started to be added in jewellery. While gold has always been used, many variations in gold have come up ranging from 14k to 24k in purity while different varieties of gold have come up too. While white gold and rose gold are alloys with gold as the main constituent, they have been created to maintain the cost and better looks on a balance putting aside the fact that white gold is just gold alloy with Rhodium plating. Platinum, the perfectionist has also started to make its way in and around the past ten years.

While comparing all the three of them, many of us fall into a dilemma on which one would be a better choice. The basic things to know here is not only about the affordable range which will let you choose what is to be purchased, but also their properties which would let you choose better according to the occasion. Coming directly to the details of what, how and how much of the three most desired elements in jewellery making, the important points which need to be known and considered before buying jewels made from any one of these three is the following code:

  1. Cost effectiveness: Being a common man with many dreams apart from purchasing jewellery, the cost of the three definitely is one point on which the three can be considered to be worthy of the purchase or not. Basically, since gold and white gold are initially same before being mixed with various other and different elements to reach their final forms, their final cost is about the same. Consider 14k gold and 14k white gold, both of which contain about 59% gold and cost the same (and having the same purity of course). Platinum costs more or less about the same as pure gold, but is appreciated for those qualities not seen in gold.
  2. Durability of the looks: White gold as told earlier, is an alloy of gold with rhodium plating on it. This white glow of white gold wears off during usage and ends up at a yellowish tinge. Gold, as known, loses its shine and glimmer in daily usage but not as quickly as white gold. Platinum, out of the three is the better one on this case as it comes with a benefit of the looks. Platinum does not wear off or fade away in its daily usage, in turn gets a pale finish which is also termed to be beautiful by many.
  3. Durability on the inside: While gold and white gold both are alloys and are made especially keeping their strength in mind, platinum on the other hand is a pure metal and has little less strength compared to them. This should not be taken as platinum to be brittle, in fact platinum is stronger than gold and white gold in resisting breakage. Platinum tends to be softer actually and hence prone to more scratches and losing its initial fresh look after some time. Platinum, even after this, is better than gold and white gold because on scratching, it does not lose its volume but flattens over and forms furrows, a touch of antique.
  4. Comfort: Platinum is a high density metal, hence more of platinum is required to make a ring than it would take for gold. This makes the ring a bit heavier in comparison to the one made out of gold or white gold. Some people find it comfortable while some people don’t and this relies completely on the customer’s choice.
  5. Reactivity: It may seem at a first glance that what kind of chemical reaction may arise on contact of gold or platinum with the human body, but allergic reactions can develop against the other metals used as alloys. It had been observed that the nickel alloy used in gold rings can stimulate a reaction towards gold or white gold in some people. Platinum in this case, has an upper hand causing no allergic reaction (since its 95% pure form is used in jewellery making.

The decision must be easy to make now. Each and every pro and con now in your hand, it is time to make that choice of ring you want to gift. Go grab one!


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